alebal missions pack - So now what? [Build a Mission] 1.1
Thanks to your donations I decided to start a new missions pack. Thank you for your donations.

A new big missions pack, new missions for Michael Franklin and Trevor.

It starts where everything was finished, where it will end is still unknown.

Let's start with the first 10 missions, but they will follow many more, so follow the updates.

Have fun!

I also made a Walkthrough

Between the [ ] the player to use to make sense of the story.
[M] Michael
[F] Franklin
[T] Trevor

missions list:
alebal 001 - So now what [T]
alebal 002 - Amandaaaaaa [M]
alebal 003 - Hydrogen prototype [F]
alebal 004 - Bad launch [T]
alebal 005 - Bullies [M]
alebal 006 - Gangs war [F]
alebal 007- Pilot [T]
alebal 008 - Old actress [M]
alebal 009 - Never call me back [F]
alebal 010 - They have landed [T]
alebal 011 - Favour to the general [T]
alebal 012 - Amanda lovers 1 [M]
alebal 013 - Hiding in the mountain [F]
alebal 014 - Crane sniper [T]
alebal 015 - He betrays me [M]
alebal 016 - Hydrogen prototype 2 [F]
alebal 017 - Block the highway [T]
alebal 018 - Amandaaaaaa 2 [M]
alebal 019 - Don't take my girls [F]
alebal 020 - Hens [M]

Please if you don't complete a mission, remember to reset the unfinished missions before starting another one.
Build a mission [H key] -> Edit/Create -> Clear loaded mission
Otherwise the next missions might behave in a strange way


I also made a walkthrough to provide solutions to missions, but also  because sometimes things don't go exactly as they should go, the movies  can be different, some peds may not arrive, or otherwise appear  differently depending on the framerate or the characteristics of the PC.

Or because sometimes it happens to not be able to read all the texts and maybe not understand the meaning of a story.

This Walkthrough shows exactly how the missions should work.


1.1 - 10 new mission added


you need to build-a-mission
After you install build-a-mission extract the archive and copy it into the root folder of GTA 5

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