There are not going to be any new Alfie pages for the next couple of months. I am burnt out and I need to work on something different for a while. I am not entirely sure what yet, but I will figure it out. I intend to be very, very active in the next couple of months so don't worry. There will be content. BUT if you are pledging for Alfie, there will be nothing new for you for a while. Sorry.

The reason for the break is simple: Alfie takes a lot of energy and time to create and over time it drained me. In the past I remedied that with shorter breaks, or drawing a couple of silly porn pics on the side, but this time the burnout is too strong. Yesterday I sat down to draw the first pages of chapter 10 and I felt sick to my stomach. This feeling has been building for a while and I was hoping the break between chapters 9 and 10 would be enough to get my motivation back, but nope. I need time to recharge and a couple of weeks will not be enough this time.

I think the last proper break I had from Alfie was before I started drawing chapter 7, which was almost 2 years ago. Other than that there were breaks inbetween chapters that I spend writing and designing the story, and various times where I was unable to draw for one reason or another. But a proper "I want to do something else for a while" break was  along time ago. Too long. Up till yesterday I was sure I will just power through this slump and force myself to work on chapter 10, but today I realised I can't do it. The quality of the comic will suffer if I do it. 

This isn't one of those "I am tired of this comic so I'll drop it, call it a hiatus and hope everybody forgets about it" situations. I have the rest of Alfie planned out and I intend to finish it.

I honestly don't know how long this break will take. I think it's going to be a minimum of 2 months, but it could be longer. I want to spend it actively, working on other projects. I don't intend to be lazy. Aside from the Puazi CYOA, and the part 2 of the BI patreon comic I don't know what I'll do yet. Maybe one or two short comics? More CYOAs? Patron requests? Votes? All of that? I'll set up a separate patreon post so you guys could let me know what you'd like to see.

I hope this was not too rambling! Let me know what you think about all this.

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