No patrons you're not seeing double and Hutton didn't have a twin brother... at least not that I know of.  Reason for this double portrait that you see here, but won't see anywhere else, is to please both Rapierists and Sabreurs, although, as far as I know, Hutton is more famous for his Military Sabre work. 

Hutton is so well known for all his work it really doesn't require any introduction. Whether you love or hate is work, his contribution is unquestionable to what we can call HEMA today. 

Born in March 10th 1839 (just 3 days difference from my birthday... and a couple of centuries apart as well) he was a Victorian Officer of the King's Dragoon Guards, a Sabre teacher, Swordsman and antiquarian... but among all these, a revivalist of Historical Fencing. 

Why make a portrait based on a photo from him from 1890s? Well first and foremost it's not as well known as the infamous depiction of him holding a rapier. It also seemed to fit well with the rest of the painting series, and I had the chance to work from a photo, which is something I am not able to do with other fencing masters depictions, where I have to work from a painting, engraving, drawing, which can sometimes be flawed and not be an accurate representation of the man depicted. Usually it's the other way around, and everyone that knows my artistic background knows I defend portrait with all my strength and strongly oppose photos as portraits unless exceptionally well done, but this is a debate for another time, if you want to read my ramblings either read my Thesis or drop me a message haha. 

Hope you enjoy the end result and I'll see you soon for the next one :) 

Redbubble: Hutton w/ Rapier -

Hutton w/ Sabre -

Thank you patrons!!