Alicia (Final Fantasy Tactics ; Free)
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In my story Alicia and Ramza is couple. That is a formal sweet sew scene. :P


As this is an quite old work. Even hi-res is around 150 dpi (or 200).

I planned to kill her at the beginning. I would add a remove unit interface in the picture. And hanged her after confirm removing.

You can check the 2009 pack. I still keep the hanging scene...

Personally I like this girl. So I remove the ryona content in the final output.

But I still killed her at my own fan fiction ... :D

Attachment :

[PSD] : contain character and background 2 psd file (Patron Only)

[JPG] : 8 jpg for the whole sweet sex scene.

[JPG] 2009 : I think that is the most early hentai drawing I drew. ** GURO CAUTION ; 1 hanging scene included **  (Patron Only)

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