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the alien
Howdy, patrons! Well, it has been an embarrassingly long time since I've recorded anything, but I'm determined to get back to making more music. Some of you will recognize this song (especially Amanda, since we used to play it together!) -- it's an older one and I still need to find my notebook with the date. (I really should be better about this.) Friday night I participated in a podcast about conspiracy theories, aliens, cryptids and related topics and it reminded me I have this song about aliens and paranoia. (Well, I probably have more songs on the subject; I should cross-reference this stuff.) The arrangement is pretty minimalist, but I should mention that I added a fuzzy space bass line using my new mini-keyboard, a microKORG XL+, for the first time. (Your Patreon dollars at work!) So thank you, as always, for your support. Thanks for listening and hanging in there. Enjoy the music! Love, Zach P.S. - You can listen to the song via Bandcamp's handy player and/or download it here. The attached file includes lyrics and album art. Dance party!