"Alien Abduction"
We were watching a documentary on an alien abduction when I got the idea for this strip.  It just occurred to me that aliens could make for great babysitters.  Your kids might even come home having learned a few things about science and the cosmos!

I feel safe with these particular aliens.  They aren't like the new generation of aliens.  See what I mean -->here<--

And now for something not related to this comic strip...


I love these new Star Trek movies.  I even like this one.  But I have some issues.  One is huge.

THE GOOD - The FX and acting were great.  We loved the white-haired chick.  Hope to see more of her in later movies. ABSOLUTELY LOVED the bad guy's space ship fleet.  That was the best and most memorable part of the movie.

THE BAD - The bad guy's fleet was the best and most memorable part of the movie.  The rest was kinda hacked-together techno babble. Which would have been fine for a mini-story spanning two or three episodes of the TV show, but not appealing in a three-hour .... wait ... it was 3 hours long? That IS three episodes of the TV show!  But seriously, some of the red herrings or misleads were odd.  And I seem to recall Scotty saying he couldn't get a ship flying, only to later have it not only flying, but absolutely kicking ass.  Yeah, I know, that's what is great about Scotty.  It just seemed overdone in a few situations.

I think the real underlying problem was that the human story was missing, or wrong.  The first movie had a lot of energy and the characters had to learn to work together.  That was great.  This movie starts with downers.  Nobody is excited to go where no man has gone before.  If that was supposed to be the human story, it ruined the movie, I think.

My HUGE problem, though, was the macguffin (spelling?) that they were trying to prevent from causing untold disaster.  Seriousy... it was tiny and stupid.  You know what was a scary threat?  THE BAD GUYS FLEET OF SHIPS!!  All he had to do was attack with that before the Enterprise even got involved and he would have won!!  It was seriously ONE MILLION TIMES more powerful than the "ultimate weapon".

But you know the writers were like, "We have to solve this crisis with Kirk in a fist fight."  So the real threat had to be something he could fit in his hand.  Screw that.  It was unsatisfying.  What WAS satisfying was how they dealt with the alien fleet.  THAT was really fun.

Overall I still liked "Star Trek: Beyond".  It had enough Trekkiness and fun moments to make it entertaining.  But it wasn't as good, story-wise, as the first one.

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