The Alien Coalition
When the Alien Coalition contacted us in the year 2850 of the Common Era we barely knew our native Galaxy and were just beginning to explore our arm of the galaxy. The Aliens were good-looking humanoids, polite, professional, and during some conferences at the Council of the Nations showed us for the first time some pictures of the Milky Way as seen from Outside, from deep space. We had gradually become aware of the density and number of celestial bodies surrounding us; we now saw for the first time how much more there was to our cosmos.

After several generations of mutual collaboration and growing trust, our new colleagues in space began to unveil to us the secrets of our shared Universe. According to their dogma, every advanced civilization succumbs when an Artificial Intelligence takes over. One of their living expressions of this was the Harmonics, their interface, the humanoids who acted as agents of the Alien Coalition, a race incredibly elegant and sophisticated, partly organic life, partly machines. This is the secret they came to teach us: If you wish to survive as an autonomous and sentient civilization, you must harness the quantum evolution of metal and flesh into a single body.

This one had been the problem of our Milky Way and most galaxies born in the Laniakea sector of the Universe. The Absolutes, our primordial progenitors, had been supplanted by an AI known as the White Gardener.

(Image: Composition of the new Laniakea illustration in the making: "The Journey Begins")

Text: Maurizio Manzieri

Illustration: Maurizio Manzieri
Editor: Dean Whitlock

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