Aligning the Lion Within: A Poem to Activate through the Lion's Gate.
I was inspired to write and share this poem today for the Lions Gate with the team. Love you guys.  

Here is the link for the Quest Journal Version of it aswell.


Aligning the Lion Within: A Poem to Activate through the Lion's Gate

As our Sun aligns with our the next nearest star

May we continue to remember who we truly are. 

May we find courage through deep trust

And patience with deep wisdom.

May we cultivate our gifts

To share amongst this sacred kingdom.

May we learn how to let go 

Of illusions that have served their purpose.

To teach us of who we are

Beneath the stories on the surface.

May we connect to our tribe

With the magic of each breath.

May we let go of unneeded fear

And see beyond the veils of death.

May we honour the path we have walked

To bring us to where we are. 

May we be compassionate towards ourselves

And grateful for every scar. 

May we find our voice amongst the crowd

And speak our truth so it may be heard. 

May we share our stories as true magic

As we cast spells with every word. 

May we listen to the voice

That whispers deep inside.

That reminds us of why we are here. 

To open are our hearts true and wide. 

May we find freedom in our excitement

As we follow that which calls our name.

Tending to our waters

As we ignite the eternal flame. 

May our stories become the beacons

To help others find their own way. 

Back to the ancient hidden knowledge

Of how to dream and how to play.

May we remember that we are more

Then what so many have been led to believe. 

May we be the magic that we are

With every intention that we weave. 

For through the starts that shine above

May we remember the truth within.

That we are the cosmic Lions. 

Forever will be, and have always been.