I just want to spend the first sentence of this backer post thanking all of you who have already become patrons. I can't put into words how much your support means to me. 

When I started this Patreon, I also started a new process. 

I’ve found myself falling into a rut where I move from update to update. Gig to gig. I don’t keep a sketchbook anymore, and it’s rare that I try new things artistically. I feel guilty whenever I draw anything that isn’t “work”.

My goal is to use Patreon as an outlet to just have fun drawing again while giving something back to my audience. I’ve already just starting “doing” things. For example, I've never made an animated gif before! And look at that beauty up there...

I'm also working on a graphic novel--one that challenges me on every page. I’d like to start sharing snippets and teases of it all with my new backer audience first before we make any big reveals.

So if any of that interests you, consider looking to your right and throwing a few bucks at me each month. I'd love to have you in my new cool kids crew.