All about tiers!

A quick view of how I run my Patreon:

100% of my income is based on my art, as my disability impedes me from working most other types of jobs. By tipping me here (or on kofi, or through my store...) you are directly allowing a queer, disabled artist support theirself on their creations!

-At least a few posts a month. I largely have no set schedule for posting as I occasionally have disability flares and prefer fluidity, but I post a minimum of three times a month, unless otherwise noted
-One blog a month. I write and post a blog at the end of every month; usually around interesting visits to museums and graveyards, antiques I've come across, and cool art things!
-Freebies. You'll occasionally see me post usually tier-locked posts publicly- this is to give people a taste of what they're missing if they aren't subscribed to a certain tier yet.

The subjects posted:

I post a large variety of art, but also things I'm passionate about; including Widderwood, antiques, history, and death education.

-Behind the scenes/how I make art
-Art progress videos
-First dibs on buying new or one-of-a-kind art
-First looks at new zines, chapbooks, soaps, and art, far before the public ever see them!
-Voting power in various creations to make
-Insight on antiques I collect and general life for me as an artist
-Widderwood concept & development
-Experimentation with new art (ceramics, cosmetics, merch, etc...)
-And anything else my heart desires!

The tiers:

$3- The base level! If you’re already subscribed to me here on Patreon, this is the level you’re at. You’ll see videos, behind the scenes things, blogs, etc. You get quite the variety for your buck.

$5- This is mostly for those who want and can afford to throw more coin at me than the base tier of fairies. Sirens get a discord role and first dibs when I sell paintings or extra merch. More perks may come in the future!

$7- Sphinxes get the addition of voting power when I present new ideas for illustrations or other creative works to them, seeing new zines & chapbooks in full before they’re released for public sale, and the sphinx discord role.

$10 & $13- These are both mail tiers! Shuck is for US residents, while ghost is for international. If you would like to be part of the mail group, please pick the correct one based on where you'll be having mail sent to.
You’ll need to be subscribed in the month before mail-out to get the mail perk. Please see schedule below for when mail is posted, record of the newsletters will be posted digitally in the month that follows mail-out.

-Voting from a prompt list for a postcard-sized, professionally printed illustration
-Getting to view the finished print before any other tier
-Print will have a short comment + doodle on the back
-Print will have a numbered special edition Degare stamp. Any surplus prints sold will not have this!
-A typed mini newsletter, with some short musing and Tidbit section: which will be things like historical facts, death talk, folklore musing, & poetry
-If there are at least 40 people signed up for mail in the month before the mail goes out, I will create and include exclusive vinyl stickers that compliment the month's print!
-Envelopes are decorated with hand carved stamps & my planchette wax seal
-Sent inside another protective envelope for transit
-Shuck or Ghost aesthetic discord roles

I love sending mail, and every one of these will be lovingly handled. I hope y'all are as excited for this as I am!

There will be three mail-outs a year, all will have their own illustration and Tidbits newsletter!

Mail Schedule:

You must be subscribed within January to receive mail-out.
Jan. 1st- polls open for voting
Third week of Feb- Mail goes out

You must be subscribed within June to receive mail-out.
Jun. 1st- polls open for voting
Third week of July- Mail goes out

You must be subscribed within September to receive mail-out.
Sept. 1st- polls open for voting
Third week of Oct- Mail goes out

About The Widderwood Server:

This is my Discord server where you can stay in the loop on my creations and get store updates!

Server includes;

-Open to public, but must be 18+
-A laid back, art-focused environment
-Special aesthetic roles based on their kofi/patreon tier
-General chat
-Widderwood-related chat & fanart gallery
-Update channels for soap, store openings, & other art that only I can post in
-A shuck shrine, because we like ghost dogs here

Members are allowed to lurk here- absolutely no one has to feel pressured to talk in any of the chats! If you only wish to join the Widderwood Server in order to get real-time alerts on store openings, you are free to mute the socialization channels.

✦✦You can join the server here! [link]✦✦

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