All Activists have sacrificed something.
 Before I was an Animal Rights Activist my childhood and Adult dream was to be a WWE Superstar.
This photo was from my first ever wrestling match and I would say it was hands down the happiest night of my entire life.

Unfortunately there were a lot of issues behind the scenes with Pro Wrestling and sometimes my health. But I couldn't give it up, I wouldn't let go. Nothing has broken my heart more than not being able to live out that dream until the day I died and I just couldn't let go, I kept thinking how I could make it work, how I could overcome the threshold of challenges I faced (Politics, bullying, health.) and I kept trying.

And the one thing that made it possible for my heart to let go, that there was something more important than my greatest dreams.

It was and is, Animal Rights. Fighting for the beings I've loved for as long as my memories can take me.

This is a life long commitment, I let go of what brought the biggest fire to my soul, I sacrificed it for this movement and nothing and no one is going to take this away from me.

I've paid up what meant the most to me so no matter the hate I get, what riches a "Job" could bring me. I will never stop fighting for Animals because this choice I made is the only thing to me, that's worth it.

This is the only thing that could fill the hole left in my heart and this time it's not just about my dream, it's about our world and trillions of Innocent Animals too.

I will fight for this movement until the day I die.

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