All the blog posts you can eat (vol. 12)
Here is something about Patreon that you might have thought in the back of your head, but never fully articulated: it is actually a cleverly disguised newsletter, with more bells and whistles, and less requirements to know anything about how emails work. Some of these bells and whistles might take the form of questions like "how do I present myself in such a way that I can keep up with the implicit and explicit demands that might accrue over time due to my presence on this website?", but the nuts and bolts actually consists of writing things that end up in people's mail inboxes.

These two very long sentences are sufficient ado, I think. Let's get at those blog posts.


And now, something that is actually about ethics: wherein I do not so much argue for taking an ethical position, as present you with a discursive object which, upon having been read, strongly suggests a particular way of thinking. It is the opposite of telling you what to think, in a way.

Relationship statues

[It has been noted that most statues are about cats. This may or may not be related to the fact that most writing prompts are now asked (and received) on the Mastodon instance toot dot cat. Home bias and all that.]

The valiant struggle: kitten vs sock

Big and small: Halloween lemons

Cloud computing: birds


The application of memories: wherein I muse upon the fact that all you need to find everything someone has ever done is their name

Count me in: this month has been all seminars on qualitative (and some quantitative) method. Turns out the difference between the two is not as solid as one might think. Naturally, there is a post about it.

Small logistics: many things in this world are easy to learn if someone shows you, but impossible if you try on your own. Be on the lookout for these things: they are socially significant.

Evolutionary psychology for the masses: wherein I poke fun at the limited-scope takes offered by self-professed evopsych supporters. Civilization and its discontents, writ small.


Covering all the basics: based on one of the aforementioned methodology seminars, where we joked about a homeless shelter being so well-studied by social scientists that the residents knew more about the research process, method and literature than the scientists.

A Friday horoscope: Black Friday is upon us.

Bonus round: for some reason, this post got a lot of attention recently, so I spruced it up and added good grammar. 2014 forever.

And that is all for this round, with a p of <0.05. Remember to stay hydrated, and to be creative in all your methodological efforts!