I've been doing this for a while. Some of you might have a few of those books on your shelf. But here is a more comprehensive list of my published works. It still doesn't have everything. I never kept track of the stories and letters I wrote for gay and bisexual magazines in the 90s. I don't know which of my books have been translated into other languages  through deals with the long-gone Masquerade Books. And I am sure I missed some. But if you really want EVERYTHING I've written - here's my best shot.

The Marketplace series 

is what I am best known for, of course. Amazon  has a deal where you can buy the whole collection of novels for one price. 

The Marketplace 1993 Masquerade Books, then Mystic Rose Press, then Circlet Press.

The Slave 1994  Masquerade Books, then Mystic Rose Press, then Circlet Press.

The Trainer 1995  Masquerade Books, then Mystic Rose Press, then Circlet Press.

The Academy 2000 Mystic Rose Press, then Circlet Press.

The Reunion, 2002 Mystic Rose Press, then Circlet Press.

The Inheritor,  2015 Circlet Press

Sold internationally for 20 years, they have been bestsellers in BDSM erotic fiction. A poll at the Leather Archives  revealed the Marketplace series to be the #1 work of BDSM fiction - although I have to admit there wasn't a large voter base. Still, I take what I can get!

The Marketplace has been translated to Korean, and is also my first to become an audio book, distributed by Audible (2012) All the other novels were contracted for their audio versions in 2014 and available now. They also all have the Wispersynch technology, which allows someone to move from reading on a Kindle to listening the audio, automatically adjusted to where they left off.  

No, I don't know how that works. It's just magic. Also - if you already purchased the Kindle version, check Amazon to see if they are offering the audio version at a discounted price. Sometimes, it's as low as $1.99, which allows you to use your Audible points for more expensive books. 

No Safewords; A Marketplace Fan Anthology – first anthology consisting of fan-written stories set in the Marketplace. Released 2013

No Safewords II - Currently at Circlet Press for final editing and publishing. You will hear when it's ready - and every Patron will get a copy!

Scenes from The Marketplace  - a collection of all my short stories set in the Marketplace. For the first time, they are all together and arranged in chronological order according to my MP Timeline. Published in different imprints of the book or in other anthologies over the years. Released 2014.


The Killer Wore Leather, 2013. Winner of the Rainbow Book Award for Best LGBT Mystery; finalist for many awards, including: the Foreward Book Awards, The Golden Crown Literary Society Lesbian Mystery Award, Audible Award, and the Lambda Literary Award for Best Lesbian Mystery. Recommended by the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Round Table of the American Library Association as the only mystery on their Over The Rainbow 2014 list of notable books. 

Other books:

The Catalyst, re-titled Cinema Erotica. Masquerade, 1992. Rights have reverted to me, I need to re-format it and issue it as an e-book again. 

Musclebound, Badboy, 1992 Re-printed in Musclebound & Other Works by Alyson, under the name Christopher Morgan. Translated to Japanese. Now available via Sizzler Editions

Lady F  (adaptation from original Victorian novel) Masquerade, 1993. I added graphic sex and aged up the characters of an authentic older work. Not my proudest moment, but I got a paycheck. 

Steam Gauge, Badboy, 1997 

The Perv's Guide to the Internet, Masquerade, 1997 - written under pseudonyms, plural. There's a story about that. 

The Catalyst and Other Works, Mystic Rose, 2004

Shop Stud & Other Tales, Sizzler Editions , 2011 Some of my gay male fiction.


Best Lesbian Erotica, 2015 Cleis Books

Looking for Mr. Preston, 1995 Rhinoceros Books 

Leatherwomen, 1993 Masquerade Books  

Leatherwomen II, 1994 Masquerade Books

Leatherwomen III, 1998 Masquerade Books

By Her Subdued, 1995 Masquerade Books

No Other Tribute, 1995 Masquerade Books

Some Women, 1995 Masquerade Books

Sportsmen, 1996 Masquerade Books

All of those Masquerade books are out of print, although you can occasionally find them used. I sometimes buy them myself so I can offer them as collectible. 

Short fiction & essays in collections:

I've also also been an editor of a gaming magazine & two porn digests.

There is one short story  I have expanded into a novella for the SEKRIT PROJEKT with Cecilia Tan I and Midori.  The Way of Heaven can be found in S/M Pasts  You will be the first to know when the new version is available. 

In The Name of Art, in Virgin Territory II, ed. Shar Rednour, 1996 Richard Kasak Books 

The Little Urban Maid in Once Upon a Time: Erotic Fairy Tales for Women, Ed. Michael Ford, 1996 Richard Kasak Books 

Brian on the Farm, in Switch Hitters: Lesbians Write Gay Male Erotica and Gay Men Write Lesbian Erotica, ed. by Carol Queen and Lawrence Schimel, 1996 Cleis Press. Now in Scenes From the Marketplace.

Looking for Bubba, in Southern Comfort, ed. David Laurents, 1996, Badboy (writing as Christopher Morgan)

The First Time, in Best Lesbian Erotica 1997 & Best Lesbian Bondage Erotica 2007 & Best of the Best Lesbian Erotica 2000, all ed. by Tristan Taormino, all from Cleis 

Steamgauge, in Western Trails, ed. Gary Bowen, 1997 Badboy (writing as Christopher Morgan)

Shayna Maidel, in Ritual Sex, ed. Tristan Taormino and David Aaron Clark 1996, Reprinted in Things Invisible to See, Gay and Lesbian Tales of Magical Realism, ed. by Lawrence Schimel, 1998 Circlet Press  and again in Erotic Fantastic, the Best of Circlet Press , 2006. 

In-Tents Encounter, in Friction, ed. Gerry Kroll, 2000 Alyson Books (writing as Christopher Morgan) Reprinted in The Best of Friction, 2002

Don't Get Me Wrong, in Tough Girls, ed. Lori Selke, 2004 Black Books

Antivenom for the Soul, in  Pomosexuals: Challenging Assumptions About Gender and Sexuality , ed. Carol Queen, Lawrence Schimel, and Kate Bornstein 1997 Cleis Press 

Electra On the Rocks: Following the Paradigm Tides, in The Second Coming , Ed. Pat Califia and Robin Sweeney, 2000 Alyson Books 

My Writing Life, or, Everything Old Is New Again, in The Burning Pen, ed. M. Christian, 2001 Alyson Books

Forward to Erotic Slavehood,  by Christina Abernathy, 2007, Greenery Press

They Don't Make 'em Like They Used To, in Up For Grabs II, None of the Above , edited by Lauren Burka 2010

Zoom In, in Voyeur Eyes Only , ed. DL King, Xcite Books 2012, now in Scenes From the Marketplace. 

The Christmas Truce, stand-alone short story with Sizzler E-books, 2011. Look at the nice new cover!  

The Man With the Phoenix Tattoo, in Take Me There, Trans and Genderqueer Erotica , ed. Tristan Taormino, 2011, Cleis Press – This story is a winner of the 2011 John Preston Award for Short Fiction from the National Leather Association; the collection won this year's Lammy for Transgender Fiction

How To Train Your Sex Slave, in The Ultimate Guide to Kink , ed. Tristan Taormino, 2012, Cleis Press

Fifty Shades of Crap, in Fifty Writers on Fifty Shades of Grey , ed. Lori Perkins, 2012

Two Timing, in Baby Got Back , edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel, Cleis Books, 2013

Blame it on Spartacus, in Under Her Thumb; Stories of Female Dominance , ed. DL King, Cleis Books, 2013 Reprinted in Best Women's Erotica 2014, ed. Violet Blue

Christmas Truce , stand-alone period, gay romantica. There's a story about this story. 

Foreword to Best Bondage Erotica 2014 , ed. Rachel Kramer Bussell and the Foreword to The Big Book of Domination, 2014, edited by DL King

I have also edited a gaming magazine & two porn digests, Badboy, Bi-Curious, and been a columnist or features writer for the Masquerade Erotic Newsletter, The Inquisitor, The Sandmutopian Guardian, Girlfriends Magazine and Alt.com.