All Deep Web Episodes Demonetized!
So I logged into my YouTube account today and noticed something that really sucks but I seen it coming almost ALL of my Deep Web content has been demonetized and I am just going to assume the rest will be as well soon. I put them all in for a review and just in a few hours they were all denied. I was reconsidering doing them but only showing safe sites, but seems like even those are off limits. The only way I would be able to do them and monetize them now would be to charge for them per episode on YT. The minimum would be set for $.99 per video, but people do not seem to want to pay really for anything on YT and Patreon doesn't even pull $30 a month so unless I could figure out another way where the time for them is compensated looks like it really is the end of that. 

Also a few of my COSK have been hit as well, so I am just going to assume that is that for them as well. IDK really what to do here. If I keep making content that is too controversial, different or unique, I have a feeling it will just be demonetization.  So where do I go from here? Where does any nondisney like creator go? I know this is and isn't YouTubes fault but it doesn't suck none the less.  Most people come to me for the IDGAF attitude and they also come to me to bust people, but at the risk of sounding selfish, I got bills to pay and equipment for YouTube isn't cheap!

I wish the merchandise paid well and sold well but it doesn't. So I am really at a loss here! I LITERALLY fund my channel off of what I make with YouTube as all my work money goes to family and bills. So I guess I will just keep trying to figure something out, but just know right now as it stands I'll be lucky to make $30 a month off of YT, so if things start breaking down and I can no longer afford equipment, all I can say is it has been an awesome ride! 

Know I don't blame my fans I know a lot of you have bills to pay and even a dollar is hard to come by. these days! But it is what it is! It sucks but if I have to stop I just have to stop. We had some good times though I will give you that! So until it all breaks down I will see you all around! Peace out, Mahalo and I will see you all later! ~Takedownman