All the Dragon Quest Things

Hello from Poe! 

The recent article on The Japanese Word "Okama" in Video Game Translations started small with the references in Goemon 64. As Mato did more research, he discovered more games he could use as examples, so the article grew. And then he hit Dragon Quest II and all its many ports and retranslations.

Since this topic wasn't covered anywhere, not even on Japanese sites, we had to buy many games and books and make the discoveries ourselves. We ended up with so many Dragon Quest things that I'd like to share them here!

The goodies in the image at the top of this post are from the Japan-only release of the Dragon Quest 25th Anniversary collection for the Nintendo Wii. It had a version of Dragon Quest II in there and we wanted to see if the okama line was changed or not. We also bought the Switch releases of Dragon Quest II in both Japanese and English.

There's an okama line in Dragon Quest XI, so we bought many versions of that. I already had the Switch version, so we also got the Japan-only 3DS version and the English PS4 version.

We also wanted to check supplemental materials from the time, so we got 3 Japanese guidebooks for Dragon Quest II.

In true Japanese guidebook fashion, they're filled with love and creativity. Here's a sample of what was inside them:

(I love it when they take pictures of the TV screen to capture sprites)

The drawings in one book were adorable and it looks like they were drawn with crayons!

Another guide featured custom clay scenes!

The interview section in this guide had little face icons for each person. I love the layout on this page too.

We're so thankful to our patrons because you made these purchases possible!