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Last Updated 23rd June 2021

Why I Don't Talk About Female Narcissists -

What Legislative Changes Could Be Made To Reduce Male Anger? -

Can You Date Women With Trust Issues? -

Do Women Want Men Who Are Stoic Or Have A Good Sense Of Humour? -

Why Don't Women Pay Attention To Men They Aren't Interested In? -

Rant About Parents Who Say They Don't Want Boys -

What Emotions Are You Meant To Feel In A Relationship -

When To Stop Physically Escalating With A Woman -

The Danger Of Pure Theory When It Comes To Women Vs Real World Experience -

How To Bring Up Dissatisfaction With Your Sex Life Without Shaming Your Girlfriend -

Why Don't Women Have Hobbies? -

Do You Need Social Media To Demonstrate Status To Women? -

What Does Leadership In A Relationship Actually Look Like? -

Who Is Responsible For Your Erection? -

How To Not Resent Your Partner For Prioritizing Your Children Above You -

Will Learning About Women Undermine Our Capacity To Enjoy Them? -

Are Abortions A Red Flag? -

Should Porn Be Banned? -

Young Guy Was In A Toxic Relationship But Now Worries He Is Too Judgmental In Dating -

Should You Masturbate Before Going On A Date? -

Can A Relationship Work When The Woman Is In Charge? -

Is Attraction Instantaneous? -

Mae Reacts To 'The Real Reason Men Choose Younger Women' -

Should Men Actually Wait Until Their 30's Before Settling Down Or Is There More To It? -

Is There Ever A Path To Redemption After Infidelity? -

Why Are Some Women Attracted To More Feminine/Creative Type Men? -

The Impact Of A Toxic Father On A Boy's Development -

Mae Reacts To Why Women Belittle Men -

Are There Any Dangers In Asking Your Girlfriend To Be A Stay At Home Mother? -

Using Frequency Of Sex To Gauge The Health Of A Relationship -

Complete Train Wreck Relationship Where Guilt = Love? -

How To Tell If Your Girlfriend Will Be A Good Mother -

Transitioning From A Casual To A Serious Relationship -

18 Yr Old Female Influencer Is Scared She Is Manipulative -

Can Long Distance Relationships Work? -

Everything Is About Sex Except Sex Which Is About Power -

If A Girl Rejects You Is It Ever Worth Continuing To Try? -

How To Trust Women After You've Been Burned -

The Impact Of A Toxic Mother On Your Development -

Woman Stressed By Her Boyfriend's Emotions -

Can You Tell Your Girlfriend How To Dress? -

Young Woman Shrinks Herself So Men Will Find Her Attractive -

20 Yr Old Girl Wants To Stop Friend-Zoning Guys -

Do You Care More About Men Or Women Or Both (Poll Analysis) -

How To Tell A Woman You're Only Interested In Something Casual -

Should Men Have 1 Purpose In Life Or Pursue Multiple Meanings? -

How To Deal With Hitting The Wall As A Man (Getting Older) -

How To Handle A Woman Who Is Always Fishing For Compliments -

How 2020 Changed Me -

Would You Sacrifice A Spot On A Lifeboat To Save A Woman? (Titanic Poll) -

Do Women Want Social Climbers or Social Disrupters? -

Is Dating Women Even Worth It? -

Why do humans masturbate to orgasm? What is the evolutionary purpose? -

How Taking A Woman Back Shifts The Power Dynamics -

Can You Go From Being Friends With A Girl To Something Romantic? -

How To Handle A Girlfriend Who Becomes 'Woke' -

Developing Your Leadership In A Relationship As An Introvert -

The Psychology Of Self Sabotage -

Respectful Disagreement - Women Should Not Be Promiscuous -

When Should A High Quality Man Fight? -

Can The Hypergamy Gap Be Too Big? -

Is Resisting Temptation Harder For Men Or Women? -

Pushing For Sex Or Backing Off? Which One Is More Effective? -

Dating An Ambitious Woman -

Can You Play Too Hard To Get (As A Man)? -

Sex Toys -

Prenuptial Agreements -

Story Of A Man Who Breaks Up With A High Quality Woman To Pursue Sexual Variety -

Women Who Get Offended When Men Turn Down Sex -

Women Who Don't Want Children -

Dating A Woman With A Sexy Instagram Account Or Onlyfans -

Is There A Correlation Between A Woman Who Shows A Lot Of Skin In Public And Being Low Quality? -

Is It Unethical Or Manipulative To Run Game On Women? -

When A Woman Demands You Physically Fight Someone -

Can You Be Friends With Women? -

Can You Ever Date The Ex Of A Friend? -

 How To Make Love Like A Pornstar - Book Review-

 What Exactly Constitutes A 'Date' Nowadays?-

 Can You Turn A Hoe Into A Housewife?-

 Dating When You Have Children But Don't Want Any More-

 Prostitution Narratives Book Review-

 Scared Your Partner Will Gain Weight In The Future-

 Is An Insecure Woman More Likely To Cheat On You?-

 How To Get Over The Disadvantage Of Being Short-

 SPECIAL EVENT: I Climbed A 53m Tree To Open A Mystery Box-

  Is There A Limit To Human Potential?-

 Should You Be Worried About Hypergamy? -

 Is There An Evolutionary Explanation For Why Humans Seek Meaning In Life?-

 Should You Talk About Politics With Women?-

 Dating A Woman Who Has Slept With More People Than You Have - 

 How Much Ambition Should A Man Have? - 

Examining The Criticism Of Ex Porn Star Jenna Jameson - 

Rituals For A Boy's Initiation Into Manhood - 

When Should You Try Dating Women From Developing Countries? - 

Should You Seek Closure After A Breakup? - 

Should Young Men Ever Consider Dating Young Single Mothers? - 

Can A High Quality Man Have False Accusations Or A Criminal Record? - 

Analyzing The Successful Texts Of Victoria Rose On Dating Apps - 

Is Flirting Natural? - 

Is Evolutionary Psychology A Complete Science and Fully Explain Female Psychology? - 

How To Make High Quality Male Friends - 

Meeting Women While Travelling Overseas As A Digital Nomad - 

Dating A Woman With Minor Mental Health Issues - 

How To Handle Toxic Family Members? - 

Dating As A Middle Aged+ Man - 

What To Do When A Woman Offers You Friendship After Rejecting You? - 

When Should You Tell A Girl You Like Her? - 

Should We Ignore Our Biology And Ignore A Woman's Appearance When Choosing A Partner? - 

What Is The Meaning Of Life? - 

How To Get Over A Breakup - 

The Morality Of Older Men Dating Much Younger Women - 

In Mid 40's And Still Wanting Children? - 

How To Be A High Quality Man - 

How To Apply Evolutionary Psychology To A Long Term Relationship -  

Is The Dating Market Flooded With Low Quality Women? -  

Should You Speak About This Stuff With Women Or Is That Social Suicide? -  

If You Are Constantly Improving Yourself And Building Value, When Is The Right Time To Settle Down? -  

Why You Shouldn't Buy Her A Diamond Ring -  

Is Dating Worth It When You're 18 Years Old? -  

Polygamy -  

How The Quarantine Will Affect The Dating Market -  

Is It Ethical To Sleep With Married Women? -  

How To Have Casual S*x With A Clean Conscience When You Know She Wants Commitment -  

What Are My Qualifications And What Makes Me An Expert? -  

How to Express and Release Anger -  

How To Meet Women If You’re Constantly Surrounded By Men -  

Can You Deny Your Biological Nature And Still Be Happy? -  

How To Communicate Your Needs Without Coming Across As Needy -  

Can You Date A Woman Who Is Superior To You In Some Way? -  

Why Women Don't Criticize Each Other -  

When Should You Ask A Woman Out? -  

What Attracts Women? Catering To Their Tastes Or Being Independent? -  

What Happens After Becoming A High Quality Man -  

What Will Make A Man Happiest? One Long Term Relationship Or Lots Of Variety? -  

Answering Lots Of Questions About M*sturb*tion -  

What To Do If She Has More S*xual Experience Than You -  

The Impact Genetic Engineering Children Will Have On Female Preferences For Men -  

How To Date While Living With Parents -  

Divorced Women Like Casual S*x To Make Up For Lost Time -  

How To Tell If A Woman Is Genuinely Interested -  

Can You Submissive During S*x But Dominant In The Relationship? -  

Why Men And Women View Problems Differently -  

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