All NEW Rewards!
From time to time, I change up the rewards when I feel like I can provide a better, more appealing option - and what better time is there for that than the new year? 

I gave the current rewards their own fun mascot and made it so it's even easier to see the benefit of each tier. If you are already a patron, you can reevaluate what level you are on and change your pledge. 

If you're new, please check out the various options and pick the one that you're most interested in!

Here's a quick rundown:

  • $1 - 10% off all original artwork!
  • $2 - Video access to Patreon exclusive videos!
  • $5 - Special monthly desktop wallpaper!
  • $10 - Monthly sketch requests that I will draw Live!
  • $25 - 8x10" prints mailed to you every month!
  • $95 - Original illustrations mailed to you every month!

The higher tiers include the reward below it too, so that's a pretty awesome haul! :) 

Thanks for checking it out! You guys are the best!!!