Hello my lovies! How are we doing after that wonderful Mercury Retrograde? Ready for the snow to hurry up and wash away? (I know I am. LOL)

Few announcements! I will be doing gaming streams for the most part as a way to relax and hang out after studying or working. Speaking of working, that brings me to: commissions!

Very simple commissions are now open!

My stream schedule is also in the process of changing! It's solidly starting to look like Wednesday through Friday + Sunday will be the new stream days. Starting times still vary! 

Traditional arts are something I'm trying to work on now! It is once again Patreon exclusive, but as I make more you'll have choices of what you'd like to see in your mailbox!

My patrons receive a bonus stipend of radishes at the beginning of every month (and when they pledge,) and the Radish Shoppe has been updated! More art is now purchasable with radishes!

The contest has been extended and will end sometime before Valentine's Day in February!

I think that's everything guys! Phew, a lot of stuff! Let's make 2017 awesome!!!