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I document my Path of a Trillionaire every single day. 

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Join me on my Path of a Trillionaire!

When I get to the point in my life where Im talking with folks like GaryVee and Elon Musk and Tim Feriss on a regular... I'll gush on and on about these humble beginnings and the people like you who were crazy enough to have a bit of faith in my crazy dreams.

And of course I'll help you out however I can so that we can build a mutually beneficial community from the very beginning!

PLUS, as the first few people to actually support me, ever... You get to choose a(n acctually) cool name for yourselves!!

Not to mention I'll have the priveledge of forever knowing you, my first supporters, by name.

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Embark on the Path of the Erudite; cultivating the Dao of Eclectic Imagination and Knowledge.  

Send me your blogs, ideas, problems, etc and I'll give you feedback or just share and engage with it. 

Let's create a close-knit network of creators!

NOTE: I will likely only be able to do this for the first 50-100 or so supporters. But we will find a way to scale this via community engagement!

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Ideas are awesome! They are the *fuel* to the vehicle of action.

I will send you 10 NEW Ideas every month and even customize them to your specifc skills, interests, and resources (if you are open to sharing such details).

FREE unlimited revisions!  (within reason)  

NOTE: This WILL change and might even go away completely once I get like 20 or so people on this tier (perhaps will be permanent for first 20)

Group Up!
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Let's Hangout!

We'll get together (virtually) at least once a month for at least an hour to talk about our respective journies and how we can help each other grow!

We'll share books, ideas, resources, and more!

!!! :P

21 Savant
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Tis my favorite number so... yeah... heheh... 


Howz about:
21 Ideas every month + Unlimited Revisions + Meetings to talk about how you might be able to execute on them


Your choice of 21 stuffs

  • Ideas (1 per point)
  • Dance video (7 points)
  • Blog Article (5 points)
  • Social Media shoutout (2 points) 
  • Podcast (5 points)
  • Other...

21 Savage.. I mean.. Savant!!

Note:  I reserve the right to determine what is reasonable for me. Points are subject to change based on demand 

(Huehue I sound so fancy saying that...)

Mommy... is that You??
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You either tryna be a business partner, or you're intereted in just Buying My Future ...

Either way. WOW!!! THANK YOU!! 

Idk if this is 'legal' or 'wise'... but Im willing to give you 0.03% vesting, over my lifetime, to 0.33% (+0.01% a year) stake of *every* company I start!

Otherwise, I am going to give you free access to *anything* I make. Forever. 

And of course, you get every reward from the prior tiers.

NOTE: Every year, this tier will rise by at least 2X, but you get to keep the same amount at which you bought it at.

Angel Investor!?... or... Shenron?!
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You're crazy... like... legit...

We're going to make magic together...

I cant believe this actually happened...


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