All of our November 2019 episodes, in an easy to reference list!

November 5th: The Peanut Butter Solution with Tori Tyrrell -- A boy gets a recipe from ghosts for a hair growth tonic and then he gets kidnapped by his evil art teacher and kept in a magical sleep so twenty other kidnapped kids can make magical paintbrushes out of his hair in a weird sweatshop scenario. And that doesn't even really get at the true depth of this movie's weirdness...

November 7th: After These Messages: Skippy and Canadian Commercials with Tori Tyrrell -- Because Skippy is the official product placement peanut butter in The Peanut Butter Solution, and because it's a Canadian film. 

November 12th --PAID SUBSCRIBERS ONLY: The Richest Cat in the World -- An old man dies and leaves all his money to his cat. Wacky hijinks ensue! This was one of Geoffrey's childhood faves!

November 14th --PAID SUBSCRIBERS ONLY: After These Messages: The McDLT (and so much more) -- We watch some commercials from the actual first time this movie was aired in 1986, and learn some surprising things! Like, did you know Pound Puppies were totally for businessmen? Yeah, us neither.

Image Description: A businessman hugs a Pound Puppy. This is totally normal. 

November 19th: The Chipmunk Adventure with Dan Seitz -- The Chipmunks and the Chippettes race around the world at the behest of evil diamond smugglers. Great music, terrible racism!

November 21st: After These Messages: Chipmercials with Dan Seitz -- Come for the chipmunks, stay for the scene from The Malibu Bikini Shop that features one of the songs the chipmunk boys and girls sing in their own movie!

November 26th: Garfield's Thanksgiving -- We thought we'd seen this as kids, but maybe we were wrong. It's got the worst dating behavior. Just terrible. Also Dr. Liz is a bad vet. No one should ever give corn cobs to dogs. #PSA 

November 28th: After These Messages: Garfield and Thanksgiving -- We get into some weird stuff here, like Lasagna Cat, which has to be seen to be understood. Also many toy commercials. 

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