All Our Best & Greatest Wishes for 2018 !!!
Hello to all our Patrons and just wanted to wish you all and your loved ones a fantastic and happy New Year.

I really can't thank you enough for all your contributions, your precious inputs and the great level of interaction we're enjoying with you. 

We have some very cool things planned for 2018 and I already know it's going to be very busy, but hopefully will really contribute of taking to a next level.

I will unveil things as they come, but will always naturally give you a heads up on this through this Patreon page, but as one mentioned to me directly by one of you, we could indeed create a special and private Facebook group where we can directly exchange things, such as pictures and other cool stuff. All your ideas are welcome!

And just wanted to add that we will soon introduce a new Chanel visual identity for our titling and so forth. We will take this occasion to add end credits to our video reports where +20$ Patrons will have their name figuring so if this concerns you don't hesitate to share with us by what name you want to go by: first name, last name, nickname... 

A huge thank you to all for your support and VIVA WATCHMAKING!!!