All Patrons! Send me your Scripts!
Good day everybody!

Thank you Patrons, friends for partnering with me. What an EPIC group that is assembled here!

However, there is a problem, Pete (me) is overwhelmed and I need more time! LOL. No credit card will help either. I'm shooting as we speak and working as fast as we can.

If you have not done so, send us your scripts so when I get to your order in queue, we don't waste any time. That would not be epic. Send your Script or images to: [email protected]. Be sure to put your Patron name and Tier in the Subject Title. Since Patreon does not provide a way to do that, you will be invoiced thru PayPal or Venmo. 

FYI: Pete will livestream tonight at 6:00pmEST on Twitch:
I've started shooting those videos and when your production is complete you will be notified.

FYI: Ninja and SypherPK have agreed to play. Once a day and time is setup then you my friends will be notified first.

SECRET my Patrons: Who would expect a meme, to review a meme by a meme? Pewdy... this will be Perfectly Epic, as all things should be. (Snap)

Thank you all! 

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