All Rapture / Osprey Special Event Video Content
Hey There Friends of the Good Mood,

first off: WHOHOOOO we're back over the 1k-mark on Patreon!!!! 

Our community has once again grown a little bit more and maybe those "responsible" want to say hello for themselves. Just a can-do. No have to :-)

I put in a last-minute live-stream for this special event. I did not plan on streaming it but I felt like Why not? Just because i'm tired as f***, hungry and see countless numbers dancing around everywhere? Naah! That's no reason not to stream, hehe :-)

So here we go with the event Prize Analysis & Priority Checklist:

VEGA Conflict - The Most Adaptable Auto Farming Fleet Ever (Stream)

VEGA Conflict Special Rapture Event Farming - High End Battleships

And of course: The whole almost 2 hour-stream as ONE export:

VEGA Conflict Rapture Event - Worst Fail Live-Stream Ever (Full Export)

Enjoy this event guys and see the first video for information on which things are important and which aren't :-)