All Reason Fled campaign ends

After looking over the map, StarMart has asked that the campaign end, and that Andravel be declared the winner. The forces of the Transcendence of Pi have also felt their position is untenable, and the Will of Karduk has agreed to end the campaign.

Final VPs are:

Andravel: 26

StarMart: 8

Pi: 14

Karduk: 12

Lessons Learned: 

1) Grand Fleets are too powerful in the tactical game.

2) Fleet actions seem to devolve down to "concentrate fire on the biggest enemy ship."

3) Missiles versus point defense aren't quite there yet, but they're close...up until you're fighting at a huge point disparity.

I had some big advantages:

1) I am better at designing SS ships than my opponents were. This became increasingly apparent as the campaign went on. Notes have been taken and instructions on ship design have been improved. (Hint: Range is important.)

2) Two of the players skimmed the strategic rules rather than read them carefully. This, coupled with the Mystic government type's ability to "reserve" an order, had an outsized impact.

3) I drew three Jacks at exactly the right time to get my units in position.

Several design lessons were learned:

1) Stars at War fundamentally works. Some things need tweaking.

2) People had fun.

3) People didn't really form Diplomacy-style alliances.

4) The initial Stars at War map was too sparse and it was too hard to get to resource systems or conflict with your neighbors.