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Ok, time to give your opinion!! (If you'd like!) I tried something new... This is my Snapchat kinda vlog style where I do a crazy stunt... But I did it in high quality for YouTube and HORIZONTAL (haha) with my new small HD camera. What do you think?? Should I do more of these adventures specifically for YouTube? Or keep it on Snapchat?

Do you like this new thing where I'm shooting YouTube videos out in the world as opposed to just setting up with my old giant camera in my apartment? Any more ideas for stuff I can do "out in the wild" with this more portable camera?

Oh and specifically about eating challenges... Should I do more?? Haha I certainly enjoy how ridiculous they are. But only if you guys enjoy it, too! I've been thinking about a popcorn challenge with Max. I also saw an all-you-can-eat lobster place that was quite tempting. (What's with me an seafood?!)

Anyway, let me know what you think! If you'd like. Or maybe just enjoy the fact that I crushed a boat for you :) Happy Valentine's day, darlings <3

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