All systems online
Wow! My Patreon page has been live for around 10 hours, and as I'm writing this, there are already 6 patrons backing this project and my second goal (better pens, papers , etc... ) is almost reached.

Thank you all for supporting my project with your patronage and/or liking & sharing my messages in twitter, G+ and other social medias. This means a lot to me!


Here's a sneak-peek to my next patrons-only release. An unfinished version of this "Rebel hideout" map is already available in my blog, but I'm adding details to this map and the finished version is going to be available here on Patreon for patrons before the weekend. It will be shared later in my blog. 

Yesterday I made foundations for a swamp base with and underground level and a crash landed shuttle or spaceship. I'll be posting more about those by the end of the week.

- Miska