All the Things! Ludum Dare, Null Pointer, Website, and Giveaway!
So, Ludum Dare starts Friday. I have been looking forward to the Ludum Dare Jam since the last one. 

The last Ludum Dare, I joined too late... with only 18 hours remaining. So, I didn't get to quite finish the game. This time, I will have the full 72 hours, plus, I have an artist from Twitch as my Game Jam partner, so I can focus more on coding. It'll be fun, even if the game doesn't get complete. :)

The Curious Case of the Null Pointer

The server was still running this morning with no error messages or crashes, so things are looking good on that front. 

Game Giveaway

Later tonight, I am giving away a copy of Dreamstones on a Twitch Stream raffle @ Dreamstones was done by another indie game developer: ... it's a neat little Arkanoid + RPG combination.


While I'm waiting for the results of my null pointer hunt this weekend, I'm going to spend some time putting together a website for .... instead of having a direct link to the Dymoria client.