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The Way Of Conscious Mindfulness...

A weekly YouTube/Podcast show with discussions on Spirituality and Science balancing Health and Wellbeing with Body, Mind and Spirit. With a Daoist Twist (Chinese Philosophy) when ever possible....

Each week we either have a Guest or a Subject and we delve deep to discuss their Dao (Means Way/Path/Balance) of that Guest or Subject...

We are NOT a normal talk show and our style is "unique " to say the least...

Our aim is to have a Open and varied discussion to help Us all find new skills and techniques to balance our very own personal Dao....

Thursday 9th March

8-10pm London UK

Released as a Podcast Saturdays 

Kirk Kerber Bio:

Metaphysical studies 


Obsessed at any early age with death 

to be or not to be 

Kirk read his first new age self help book around age 12 

and around this time also had his first meditation experience with stepping out of time 

Kirk’s teachers came to him at an early age 

technically everything is your teacher but specifically all of my teachers have been female 


many animals also provided spiritual instruction along the way 

my first serious teacher student relationship was a woman who was a Christian Mystic 

and psychic 

If you’d like some “labels” 

here’s a few I wouldn’t refuse:

Wild man 

Green man 

Holy Man 

One who “knows”


student of Eastern Medicine and Herbology 

student of the Tao

Magic man

spirit mender 

soul healer / retriever 

protector of Animals 

Tarot student and professional reader 

Trance Oracle Spiritual 




I give out Shakti ! 

the Divine Feminine aspect of creation 






Fellow Empath 

first wave of Indigos 


New Yorker 



Fellow psychics have told me that Ive

had many lifetimes where all I did was simply meditate 


the basic character of my Soul is to be a loner 

and that I incarnated in this lifetime simply to:

“Smell things.”

(more on this in the interview)

Ive had decades of body work across a variety of modalities 

Ive survived ?

five near death experiences 

and three major “breakdowns”

or kundalini crisises 

basically a shut in for three years where I covered everything in the apartment in magic marker 

with poetry including the furniture and walls 

as well as 

being bed ridden 

twice for close to a year each time 


I’am familair with the “heavenly dimensions”

as well as what we would call the lower 

bowels of Hell dimensions 

I tend to hover around 

and favor the fifth dimension

most of me or what I’am is on

the other side 

Ive experienced spontaneous manifestation of angels in human form as well as 

a few demons 

yikes !


I bill myself as the:

“Dirty Harry of Shamanism”


I rescue very low low bottom cases 

that have given up on life 

I specialize in getting people “unstuck”

and providing the Spiritual Service of

Trance medium Oracle 


I mix scents along with herbs 

and imbue them with magical spiritual qualities for my clients 


I have had ET type of contact 


three times 

(more on this later)


I have been called by my clients as the 

“Shaman to the Shaman - Shamana’s”

and “healer to the healers.”

my mission ?

to awaken more 

to protect the animals 

to spread the idea of becoming a 

“Healed healer.”


I’am also a fine artist / painter and artistic photographer 

selling and showing my art works in cafes coffee shops book stores and galleries through out 

San Francisco 


and NYC Manhattan 

A social commentary 

series of collages that I created 

were studied 

at the University of Indiana

in the  

social studies courses 


I have been drug and alcohol free for over 30 years 

active in the recovery communities in NYC 

I see a variety of clients around the world 

thru phone 

cam to cam 

or in person by referral 

I tend to gravitate toward the tenets and 

lectures books ideas of:



The Tarot as Esoteric system of Study 

Nicolas Flamel 

Ancient Alchemical texts

Christian and Eastern 


and The Shamanic roots of Taoism 

my daily spiritual practice is up to 2 - 4 hours a day 

in a trance meditation 

my basic tenet:

“You are here to choose.”

I have had a weekly cable tv show for the last thirteen years with over 500 shows broadcast live and worldwide.

Currently there is around over 300 - 400 hundred hours of FREE spiritual topics based content 


in the form of video blogs and videos 

and memes 

as well as five years of written content

as well. 

my website is 




I currently have social media profiles 










Powerful Intentions 

If you have any Questions for Kirk, let us know or comment below...

Love, Qi and Shen..

T.W.O.C.M. Team