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All Wöljager-tracks now audible via Bandcamp!
Dear Patrons,

while just the track "Van´t Liewen un Stiäwen" was audible for free in the last post, now all tracks of the album are activated to be accessed by interested listeners! So, just in case you haven´t heard the whole album yet, just click above. Feel free to share this link with family and friends via the social networks!

The funny thing is: While many of you already hold the limited artbook of "Van´t Liewen un Stiäwen" in their hands, my copies did still not reach me... somehow it seems they got lost in the German mail service...

I already contacted the label, and they will send me my copies again. So I have to beg all my 10$-Patrons who asked for a Wöljager-artbook for understanding... it was not my fault, and you´ll surely get your copy, I hope that the delay won´t get so much worse!

More news on the Helrunar-vinyl-box, future Árstíðir lífsins-releases and maybe on the theatre-play will follow later this month! All my Patrons who want a ticket for the play should contact me here or via Facebook, and I´ll see what I can do :-)!

All the best for now, and thank you very much for your support :-)!