All you need to know about my Patreon

Hello and welcome, in this post I describe to you in details what you can find in my Patreon according to the tier you chose. 

For this example, everything is free for everyone so you can have a taste of what to expect.

TIER -  Follower:

  • Free Samples

Each time I publish a new Photo Reference Pack, I upload 5 free photos on Patreon (high original quality), follow me to stay updated.

 You can download the free photos in the attachments

Do not get confused with the Free Bundle !

This product is complete and I won't update it anymore, from now on my new free photos are here only. But no worries, the Free Bundle will always be available, for ever and ever on Gumroad, Cubebrush or Artstation.

The free photos are for personal use only.

In my blog I write about my travels, I interview artists and I write articles about the community and my project Nomad Photo Reference. 

(If you are interested in an interview to share your art knowledge with us, write me an email: [email protected]).

TIER -  Traveler:

  • 1 Free Photo Pack of your choice  / month (Personal license,  Bundles are not included)


Each month I send you a message on Patreon to ask you which pack you would like for free (Bundles are not included). Once you answer me I send you a  private link to the corresponding product on my Gumroad

The standard prices of my packs are:

  • Photo & Texture Packs: 6$
  • Night photo packs: 8$
  • PNG cutout pack: 10$

TIER - Adventurer:

  • 2 Free Photo Packs of your choice (Personal license, Bundles are not included) 
  • Edited Photos (from the photo packs)


I edit my favorite photos and I share them with you (High Quality JPG), this way you get a more in depth look at my artistic vision. This can be even more inspiring for you because I usually do it to enhance the mood and the storytelling of an image. 

You can download the Edited photos from packs in the attachments.

  • Unique Photos

I also edit beautiful high-quality photos which are not in any packs. As a photographer I do more than Photo Reference Packs and some photos are pure art. I love street photography, portraits, black and white, so this is the kind of photos you can find in this tier. 

Nomad Photo Reference is the second project of my career and I intend to expand my art to the creation of books, exhibitions (my first photo project was my first exhibition) and more who knows...

You can download the Unique photos from packs in the attachments

If you fall in love with a photo you can order prints on my Website, if there is no print of a unique photo yet, send me an email and I will upload it for you ;)

TIER -  Nomad:

  •   4 Free Photo Packs of your choice  (Personal license, Bundles are not included)  


  • Free Samples
  • Blog articles
  • Edited Photos
  • Unique Photos

TIERS -  Freelance Traveler / Adventurer / Nomad

It is the same system as the other Tiers with the personal licenses but with the Freelance license.  

Even if your Freelance membership stops, you still have the right to use the photos you got during the membership for freelance purpose

(Bundles are not included 

You need more information about Nomad Photo Reference, you can check the FAQ here.

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post