Almighty Triple XL Up in this Bytch!

I'm the one that's doin it, while these otha Niggaz just talk about it! for life! Goofball Niggaz are way to preoccupied on how a bytch look when it comes to the pimp and porn game. You can have the finest broad on the planet, but if she don't have the right kind of attitude or skillz to pay the billz, what good is she to a playa like me? If I was on some square shyt back in the day then a females looks would of been all that I cared about. But it was always about the paper back then, so a female had to be well rounded and be the complete package in order to fit into my agenda and organization. The last thing I wanted was a dime piece with a hard head, a stank attitude and Zero sex skillz. I ain't got time for that bull shyt.

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