Almost 1000 subscribers!
This is mental, but I'm so close to 1k subscribers! I'm absolutley blown away by your support, really I am.

You guys are amazing and you really make me feel like I am worth something. As someone who finds the hardest part of the day being simply getting up, it means a lot that you have offered me any kind of donation past or present - or if you're simply a fan who watches often <3

I have a few videos scheduled now, but they are old videos which were not published on my channel. My next big review is going to be done next month (if I'm not rubbish with Premiere Pro again) and is going to *drumroll* Manic Miner and the following games :)

A bunch of you also gave me lots of suggestions for short reviews, so that's in the making too. I'm now looking for another job, so these short ones are going to have to be the main bit of Octavius you get for a while :p

Also I have a website so-named because it's a function you call in Unity when coding movable items in 3D enviroments. NO, YOU'RE A GEEK.

I will be trying to populate it as and when I can, although it's going to mostly be a blog more than anything.

Okay enough rambling xxxx

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