Almost at the End of University!
Just wanted to touch base with my supporters so that you don't forget me... I'm currently into the last month of University and as I'm sure you can imagine it's taking up a fair bit of my time right now! But, just two more essays, a lecture, a tutorial, and two exams left to go - and then hopefully in a few months they'll tell me I've passed my degree in art history with flying colours.

 I'm hoping to continue studying at Oxford Brookes University next year and complete a Masters by Research. My plan is at the moment to look at the way that videogames are gendered using a particular art historical approach that hasn't been used in this field of research before (as far as I can tell). The long term plan is to then take that methodology to a Ph.D and apply it to the way that crafts such as quilting are gendered. I know it's a big leap - but you have to trust me on that one, it does totally make sense! Your support is of course vital in helping me find the money to be able to keep studying. Those four and a half thousand pound fees simply don't pay themselves...

So over the summer I'll be carrying on with taking photos at LRP, I'll be continuing to write for photography magazines, and I'm also looking at the potential for an exciting business opportunity or two. Stay tuned - I'm sure you'll hear all about it when it's done!

But for now - I really have to get back to this essay. I'm writing about modernist architectural periodicals, and I'm really rather enjoying it. Just 2500 more words to go!