The 'Almost' Free Fence
We are up-cycling the world - and building a farm with recycled, previously loved items that can power the future... quite literally.  

But first - we had to prove it could be done.

So, since we need a little yard for our little munchkins, and we had no cash for the project, we got to work on the internet.  In about a month we got all the parts together, and after digging twelve post holes (in the rockiest, most challenging dirt ever...) we put our very cool fence up - and then mother nature dumped about a foot of snow on it.

So, we have some snowy pictures here.... and a few from the upcoming 'how we built the fence' video.

This is the first video in our series describing how we can up-cycle the world, with the goal of feeding people for free (and providing a lot of us with really low cost food).  You can find us on Facebook at the Municipal Sustainability Project - and @PositiveActionU... that's where we're working on real time solutions to big time problems!

This is video #1 in the 'Resource' series of videos from the Municipal Sustainability Project - thanks for tuning in!



p.s. - we also have a sneak peek at a few pics from our upcoming live video special on up-cycling the world.  Thanks to everyone for being so cool - and the awesome support!



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