Almost hit my first $100! I LOVE YOU ALL!
I was extremely hesitant to start a Patreon.  I HATE putting my hand out or asking for anything at all ever, so I was cringing the entire time I was setting it up, but so far the support has been fantastic!  THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for contributing.  It feels great that the things I create mean so much so you. 

I will have more updates soon for my plans with Fallout 4 and Skyrim SE, but I do plan on updating all of my Skyrim mods for SE before its release.   It's unclear what kind of functionality will be available at the outset with things like SKSE, so mods like A Closer Look may need some extra time or work to be ported.  However, my most popular mods, True Storms and Skysight Skins, will be first on the docket.  I can't promise, but this finally put a fire under my arse to work on a female version (and vampires!) so all bases are covered. 

Thank you again, more updates soon.  For the next week or so I'm going back thru my Fallout 4 mods and updating the known issues and new features as promised.