Happy June folks! 

I've been very busy working on a few things simultaneously - polishing Hunt the Wicked, finalizing the text for Cloaks, Courts, & Gonnes, and writing your next Vow of Honor adventure: the Five Sisters.

The Five Sisters is a sandbox style adventure, with five major hubs (one on each of the eponymous islands) and at least three hubs within each of the major ones. It is a bit larger than I was anticipating, but I think it will be worth the wait and I'm excited to collect feedback on my first attempt at a sandbox.

Also, I plan on releasing a download code for the finalized version of CC&G as a paid Patreon post. The final game will have some nice artwork from the period (public domain), as well as professional layout from Phillip Gessert. If you're not interested in this microgame about courtly espionage in the early 17th century, feel free to set your cap for the month lower than normal. 

Thanks again, stay tuned!