Almost ready for another Sunday Feed. I still need a few things to make this happen.
Last Month I did not raise enough funds to Feed the houseless Ohana. I did however manage to gather donations and pass out toys, clothes and some toiletries to the houseless in and around the Kalihi area.
This month I have almost everything I need to go out and feed the houseless. I still need a few items like, four 2 ltrs, 1 gallon of juice, another bag of carrots and a 20 pound bag of rice and any otehr iitems that you  may like to add to this months plates and stew.
I usually pay out of pocket, too make a Sunday feed happen it cost me anywhere between $80-$120 for all the food and various items I need. If you would like to help me make this months feed happen please feel free to donate to my Patreon page or you can drop stuff off to me in person if you reside in the Oahu area.  You never know how much of a blessing a bowl of stew can  be to some one in need. So help me serve a little Aloha one bowl at a time to those in need in my own community here in Hawaii.
Peace Love and Happiness - Mahalo!
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