Some news. The Playing Rudolf Hess novel is now in its final edit. It has taken months to polish the original text: correct the typos, misspellings and improve the flow which is very important in a novel.

I am publishing three new historical novels during 2016/2017 with Booklocker in the US. These novels are based on scripts I wrote for three television drama mini-series that I wrote back in 2014/2015. 

Playing Rudolf Hess (Launch date: October 2016) : An imposter story and probably one of the greatest mysteries of WW2.

An Absolute Secret (Launch date: January 2017): A John le Carré style spy thriller set in wartime Sweden.

Shipwrecked Lives (Launch date: April 2017): The story of the government inquiry into the worst Canadian maritime disaster in this country’s history involving the Empress of Ireland passenger liner.

And I also plan to convert two excellent feature length screenplays into novels.

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