Alpha 1.1 Preview, some features to show


Still working on the next release, everything is going well !

I just wanted to tease some features I think you're going to love so let's see :

Since the game will become more and more complex, you risk losing yourself and not knowing what to do. To avoid that, the game will contain from now on a quest log ! The goal isn't spoil you (the walkthrough is here for that) but help you remember important dialogues that you must not forget.

Now, 2 mechanics you will be able to play with, the first is the wardrobe, I'll let you imagine what will be in the variant and add-on tab ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) :

The second is your smartphone (in the game eh),  what if you could ask mmh, let's say... a sexy SMS? 

 ...Well, I guess you'll have to convince her first. 

Voilà voilà, see you soon !

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