Today, we're launching a major update, Alpha 2, which is available immediately to all our Patreon supporters!

Thanks to everyone who has been helping us test Alpha 2 over the past week. Now, we're finally ready to launch!

Alpha 2 refines the core giant-versus-warrior gameplay seen in the Public Alpha. New features include:

  • A "physical" health system for both players represented by destructible armour
  • New warrior mechanics, such as flying, dodging, and shield to block giant attacks 
  • A new map called Kairos and the ability to build and play custom, community-made maps

With your support on Patreon, we can continue working towards the ultimate vision of the game, which includes online multiplayer, matchmaking, and Quest support! While apps like Parsec allow you to play Davigo online, native networking will be more user-friendly and opens up the possibility of Quest support. It’s a unique challenge given the physics-based gameplay and technical constraints of mobile VR, but one that we’ve gotten tremendous community support for. In the meantime, you can play online multiplayer using Parsec and find players via the official Davigo Discord server, which now has over 24,000 members.

We've trimmed and adjusted our Patreon levels for clarity. Now, supporters with a lifetime donation of $25USD or more will become a "Pre-order Pal". A Pre-Order Pal receives a copy of the game at launch and gains permanent access to Alpha updates.

Thanks everyone for your support so far!

Andy, Rob, and Erik

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