[LE] BDOR Pack by Team TAL v1.3 [Outdated]

This mod is now Outdated!

Please update to v2.0 from [Here] :^D


Original Contents from Black Desert Online.
copyright ⓒ All rights reserved by Pearl Abyss Studio, Korea.
Ported to the Elder Scrolls V, Skyrim by Team TAL

Dirt Man (Main Modder)
 - Porting, Mesh Fix, HDT Support, Shader Setting
ReGenBot03 (Texture & Shader Part)
 - Polishing, Minor fix, Texture Retouching,
    Shader Setting, DSR & FOMOD Support

+Original Mod Author+

9204 (Predecessor)
 - Porting, Mesh Fix, HDT Support, Texture Retouching, Shader Setting.
NINI (Technical advice)
 - Technical advice, Mod Polishing.
Peach (HDT Technician)
 - Bone Weighting Fix, Weapon Mesh Fix, HDT Support.
Dovahking (DSR Patcher)
 - DSR Support.
 - HDT Technical advice, Rigging & Bone weighting Fix, Texture Support, Mod Polishing.
Apachii (Skyrim Nexus)
 - Hair Mesh from Apachii Sky Hair

2019.02.05 Updated : 1.0a → 1.2a

Goyen Set HDT Redone
Gavi Regan Mesh minor fix
Sin Terrna Sholder Rigging Fix
Sin Terrna Red Option Texture Redone

2019.02.16 Updated : 1.2a  → 1.5a

Added Vespena, Kyrill set
Durandal, Valoren, Nouse Set - Normal Fix
Remeshed Chain in Ahon Kirus Set
Bern, Clead, Gavi Regan, Gotha Rensa, Goyen - Normal Improved
Jousting, Kylia, Shudad, Venslar, Weapons  - Normal Improved 

2019.02.23 Updated : 1.5a  → v1.0 (Alpha Test is Over!)

Added HDT to Chain of Vespena Wings
Kyrill Normal Fix
Valoren, Shudad High heel & Armpit Rigging Fix
Nouse hand glitch Fix (Thanks for reporting, Ika Zachaire!)
Fomod minor fix

2019.05.06 Updated : 1.0  → v1.2

Gotha Rensa cloak fix
Adjusted Valoren's cloak metal map brightness
Valkyrie 0005 outline deco reworked
Re-rigged Kyrill armor
Durandal knee rigging glitch fix

 2019.07.10 Updated : 1.2  → v1.3 

ESP update for compatibility with Ordinator

2020.06.07 Updated : 1.3  →  v2.0

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