Alpha Trion Tournament Tier - Release Event! Sponsored by Top Deck Games!


The Alpha Trion Titan Masters Attack! Release Event!

Welcome to our first expanded tournament event for the Alpha Trion level Patreon tier. The first event was well received and provided the players, hosts, and community with a solid understanding of how we can keep the competitive play for the TCG we all love not only alive, but thriving, in the midst of this global pandemic and current holding pattern of official organized play due to cancellation/postponement of convention level events. The next logical event is a release kickoff event for Titan Masters Attack!, beginning on June 6, 2020.

The event will be a sealed pack event (six packs) but we are going to attempt a new way of registering and building decks, one that perhaps even WotC or other larger tournament organizers can consider adapting to make the strain of this process easier on the community the day of the events.

The team at will be opening a lot of TMA product and as such it makes sense for us to open all the packs and register for you. We will do this live on YouTube (and recorded for a fair record of it all), creating the six pack pools for players to use. This way instead of the players holding back packs to use in the event simply to have a “these six packs represent my build pool,” you can build your sealed decks out of your collection adhering to the pool of cards provided (publicly to avoid any potential buffing of said pools). 

We are not your LGS selling you packs, so there is no incentive for us to force you to buy packs and watch each other build a deck from them. It is just as efficient for you to take a pool on your own and show the community how you chose to build it, and it gives us something to openly discuss while you are playing! It also allows an increased prize pool since there is no money going to actually buying packs, just building “modified bad constructed decks” per se.


Sealed Deck, all rules apply (25 Stars, 25 Battle Cards)

32 players can participate in a five round SWISS style event that will cut to a Top Eight. 28 slots will be available to Patrons, as Scott/Vince/Dan/Steffon will be playing in the event. The event is only open to the newly coined “Alpha Trion – Tournament Tier” and above players, in an attempt to keep the integrity of the event at the highest level.

All Sealed Pools will be publically available and your “pool draw” will be randomly determined once we have all the players registered for the event. 

The event will run Swiss style, with reach round being three to four days in length. If matches are not completed in this time, both players will receive losses. The speed of this is due to the need to start additional tournaments on a regular basis. We will use Challonge (insert mechanism here) to track results for the event.

The Top Eight players will then receive new Sealed Pools to play in a single elimination style finals. 

Judges will not be needed for each game, but you will have an assigned “judge” you can reach during your games to make calls if needed. 

You will be asked to occasionally Live Stream games as before, and these matches will be recorded. If you wish to record your own matches for your own mediums, this is fine, we just ask that you credit the event as the source of the content and share the recording with us to be released simultaneously. 


All players will receive a “Titan Master Arcana” Release day promo (insert pic) to be mailed out after the event. 

Assuming 32 players the rest of the prizes will be as follows:

First Place  40 Packs of Titan Masters Attack  (40 Packs Total)

Second  30 Packs of Titan Masters Attack (30 Packs Total)

Thrid/Fourth 10 Packs of Titan Masters Attack (20 Packs Total)

Fifth to Eighth  5 Packs of Titan Masters Attack (20 Packs Total)

If less than 32 players participate, prizes will be adjusted


This event kicks off the “Vector Sigma Alpha Trion Covid Championship” which is a ranking system for overall standings during the webcam “league” of the various formats. More information to come, but until we receive additional information on a 2020 Organized Play season, we want to simulate that as best as possible for our Patrons.

Before it is asked, yes, the longer you are a Patron, the more events you play in, the more points you likely earn…so get in early and often!


Players from Team will be eligible to play in these events going forward. We too are players first, not Tournament Organizers by trade, and we would also like to scratch our competitive itches. That being said, though we may finish in the standings in a prize eligible location, we will not be eligible for the prizes themselves. Should any core member of the team win a prize, that prize will be evenly distributed to the other prize eligible competitors. There is no limit to the number of times this can occur, and prizes will continue to not be absorbed by the team. 

Current Signup List

1. Volg8r

2. Sovietbear

3.  Arbitrary Hero

4. Wiedemnm

5. Nick Cork

6.  SirChris582

7. Ventrick

8. Macooy

9. UnNerv3d

10. I:loveTracks

11. Jihen

12. SchenWu

13. Fred_Khong

14. How2PTT 

15. NotKingNeil

16. Decado

17.  Dan 

18.  Scott

19.  Steffon

20.  Vince

21.  Yaquari

22.  The Chosen One

23.  ViewtifullKye

24.  Palmer

25. GrizzlyGiblets

26.  KingMePlease

27.  Mr ZigglesWorth






We have a feeling we Will be Playing webcam games for quite some time now that we have started. for anyone maybe looking ot upgrade their current gear here are some of the things the team uses.

These first two NEED to be purchases together. '


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