As a preview of things to come, I wanted to share the Alphabet Book I've created with you. 

 “སོ་རི་མེ་བུ།" So-Ri-Me-Bu is designed to make learning to read (in Tibetan) fast and easy. It works by applying some simple research ideas to Tibetan: 

(1) Frequency Data. The more common a letter is, the more important it is. By introducing these letters first, we build a solid foundation for later. It's a waste of time for beginners to worry about letters, spellings, or words that are rare. 

(2) The Alphabetic Principle. Letters that are always pronounced the same way are easier. When these come first, learning is faster! 

(3) Communicative Function. Words that are useful and concrete are important;  words that are rare and abstract less so. Beginners need direct access to meaning! 

Finally, I've color-coded the Tibetan sounds. This helps beginners with pronouncing and hearing sounds they may not be used to. 

For all the details, see my article: