Alright, here's the plan...
My old camera, a Canon T2i has served me well and is on its last legs.  I'm looking to purchase either a Canon t6i or a Canon 70D (which is the camera I use at my day job in tv promotions.)

Price for this with my work discount at B&H is around 750 bucks.  I need to purchase some LED lights as well, and am looking into installing a wall of Black Diamond film that can be rear projected into to give my at-home show a way bigger production feel that I can rear-project onto with my XGIMI Aurora LED Projector that I showed off a few months ago.  Incredible piece of tech.

In the spirit of being extremely transparent, all funds will be accounted for while we're in the set building transition to doing way more GGC content in a studio I'll have access to almost any time I want to do something.  The sense of urgency goes up. I'll be able to review more games faster and make it visually more appealing than the alternative. 

I shot a review for No Man's Sky this weekend and I'm not even posting it because it's embarrassing how my rigged up corner of what will ultimately be the studio looks right now.  I know a lot of you don't care about looks, but I do, and I want this to be as professional as the stuff I did and do on TV, currently.

Also, with gear I've purchased over the last few years (or have been gifted, thanks friends!) we're 99.9% there to do a podcast, and then once the set is ready to go a VIDEO podcast where you can see me look dumb and sound dumb at the same time!  What a gift for youuuuu!  Drink it in!

So that's the current plan. I'm looking also to find some roll-out flooring to give the entire place a more curated look.  The idea I have is very simple and is almost what the infinitely more well-funded guys from Kinda Funny have pulled off with their new studio.  Except this will just be ME and phone guests and I'll run everything myself.

Get in on the ground floor!  I've got some cool perks the higher you go, plus you can be a part of something pretty awesome and say you were there first.  And whoever you tell that to won't care, but you can say it, anyway.