SERVICE #1 I'M PROVIDING: Guitar Lessons

I'm providing personal guitar lessons through Google Hangout, Skype, Periscope (Periscope is harder since it's not face-to-face but as you wish) or whatever social media you wanna use. Tell me what your guitar level is, what do you want to improve and we'll work on it in a dynamic and efficient way.

Either you want help learning a song, improving your improvisation skills or help learning certain chords, I can help you. I've been playing guitar for over 10 years and had been teaching several times. Guitar lessons are per hour so you can choose to have as many as you want and obviously stop whenever you want.

For 20$/hour


SERVICE #2: Background Music

Do you need a personal musician for ambiance? I can play pretty much every music style and create a nice background music for you. Just tell me which genre you want, or which songs, I'll prepare something great so you plug your phone into your speakers and enjoy the music either with friends, etc.

For 15$/hour


SERVICE #3: Writing full songs for your band/music projects/lyrics OR recorda guitar solo for your song.

If you're a lyricist or musician having trouble coming up with music for your lyrics or if you just want a straight up made song, this is for you! 

For the song:

I will record the song for you, make up a chart so you can learn it and sell it to you so the rights are yours, obviously.

Just first tell me the style, length, etc. 

I will record it first, send it to you and then if you like it, I'll send you a downloadable with the tabs/charts in exchange of the 10$. 

For the solo

Just give me the chords you want me to solo over, and I'll record a solo to your song with a high-quality mic (Apogee) and send you a downloadable link. Obviously, you pay after you're fully satisfied with the solo and I don't doing it over and over again (I want you song to be perfect).

For 10$/song


SERVICE #4: Creating a Music Track to use in your Videos

For 5$ only, I'll record a custom music track for you to use in your videos, projects, etc. 

Just tell me the style, length, and for what type of video (so I have an idea).

For 5$/track

These payments are through

If you're interested in any of these contact me on Twitter @NickRiveraMusic or send me an e-mail at [email protected]

Thank you