Alternative Afterlives: Mushroom Burials
As it would turn out I missed another option for an alternate funeral when I made my Alternative Afterlives article. This one is another biological method however we’re not growing forests here. Jae Rhim Lee, an artist with a plan, has developed a bodysuit for burials that aims above current methods. She has stated that the human body contains a few hundred different types of toxins which if you are cremated get released into the atmosphere. If you are buried, even using greener methods like the Bios Urn or Poetree, those toxins just stay in the soil unfiltered. Her solution is to use mushrooms to gradually decompose people’s bodies, filtering the toxins in the process. She has been breeding mushrooms to get specific strains that can degrade your body efficiently. The spores from them are placed in capsules along with a nutrient jelly and sewn into the suit you will wear, called the Infinity Burial Project. Once you die these spores will grow, eating your body and growing over you in an environmentally sound way. Funny enough they have also designed suits for pets. Jae Rhim Lee has specifically stated she wants the culture to shift away from our current methods to greener burials and I’ll certainly be there to follow along.