Alternative Support & Affiliate Links!
I posted on Twitter the other day that I'd recently become a Humble Partner, and now have access to affiliate links. I also said I'd update with more information, but while I'm at it I'm going to list some of the other affiliate and partner programs I'm a part of, as well as other alternative links you can use to support me and my work. All of the links below benefit me in some way, but usually only once a purchase is made.

To start off, the Humble Partner program is a lot like the Amazon affiliate program which most people are aware of, and basically what it means is that if you use one of my special links to purchase something on the Humble site then I get a few pennies. This works for all Humble Bundles, the Humble Monthly, and the Humble Store.

Here are my general Humble partner links, feel free to use them if you're planning on making any purchases! In the future I'll be using similar affiliate direct links to games that I want to talk or tweet about. The great thing with services like this is that it doesn't change anything about the purchases you are already making but with the added bonus of helping support me!

Humble Bundle:

Humble Store:

Humble Monthly:

As you can see above you can make any Humble page be linked to my partner account by adding "?partner=phedran" to the end. Likewise, if you ever want to follow a link I provide and don't want me to benefit from your purchase you can just remove the same phrase from the end. 

If you like shopping, Amazon is a great place. 


Amazon Home Shopping USA : 

Amazon UK :

Amazon Canada :

Patreon has obviously been a huge factor in my life for the last two years. If you're planning on starting a Patreon of your own then you should definitely find someone with a Patreon invite because then you and the person with the invite link can both get extra cash!


Kit is a new site that I've started using recently and basically it's for making a visual gear list, except it automatically sets all the Amazon affiliate links for each country. So for example, if you went to my Kit page, clicked through to one of the items, and it sent you to the US, UK, or Canadian Amazon, then I would make a few pennies on any purchases you made. If you live or it links you to any other country or region of Amazon then I still wouldn't. It's still a really cool way to try to organize and display the gear you use, and I'm sure I'm not using it to it's full potential yet.


For those that are interested in sending any direct donations, tips, or funding my way Paypal is the go-to. I've even got a fancy link that's nice and easy!


Lastly, not a direct donation link or an affiliate link, but if you've got an extra game key or you're wanting to send a gift to me then wishlists and gift cards are the way to go. I no longer have an active PO Box, but if you are wanting to send a physical package or postcard my way then get in touch with me or Tim and we'll set something up. 

As for the digital I do have a Humble wishlist or Steam wishlist (same games on both lists usually), I can use Canadian gift cards or codes for my Playstation account for my Vita and PS3, and I can use Canadian Nintendo eShop gift cards or codes for my 3DS with capture card, or UK Nintendo eShop gift cards or codes for my Wii U.

As difficult as I find it to try to promote stuff like this, if even just a few people made a couple purchases through my affiliate links it can really start to add up. Every dollar and every penny counts, and I just want to try to find more ways that I can earn enough to get by, since right now I depend almost solely on Patreon. Definitely don't feel obligated or pressured to donate or anything like that, I'm just putting all the links and information out there again and hoping that a fair few of you are interested in trying out the Humble links or the Amazon links, which is something that doesn't cost anything extra but can really help me out a lot!

Thanks for listening(?), if you want to help support me without costing yourself anything extra then please consider using the some of these links for future purchases, every little bit helps. 

Hopefully I'll be finding new ways to create and produce content in the near future, and when I am able to then any views, likes, comments, subscriptions, shares, and general support are always welcome and incredibly helpful!

If you have any ideas, suggestions, requests, thoughts, or just want to say hi, I can easily be reached through Patreon messages, Discord messages, email, twitter, Twitch messages, or the Phederation forum. More updates are forthcoming soon!

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