Altoids Tin Shrines Class: Syllabus & Supplies
This post will give you a list of the supplies you need for this class, and links to all the lessons. You might want to bookmark it, so you can refer to it as you work your way through the whole class.


In this class, you'll watch me make the Altoids tin shrines shown in the photo. While my tins are Frida-themed, the information included in the video lessons can be applied to any type of Altoids tin shrines you wish to make.

Included in the class is a .pdf file image sheet for the front, interior lid and back designs, as well as some extra printable bits you might use for decoration. 


I suggest you watch the video lessons before purchasing any supplies. I try to give alternatives and options as I go, so you may find that you already have more items you can use than you think you do.

A metal tin. I use the old style Altoids tins with the flat tops, which are no longer available in stores, but can sometimes be found on eBay. Whole Foods sells mints in the same size tins, with flat tops, and there might retailers who have flat tin options available.

A sanding block. You'll find foam sanding blocks with paint prep supplies at most hardware stores. Get one that's coarse on one side, and medium on the other.

Paper towels and/or a soft cloth, for wiping away sanding dust.

Acrylic craft paints, in colors that work with the design you have in mind.

Gloss medium or glaze, and/or a glossy acrylic sealer. You want something to make the top of the tin shiny when it's finished.

A bamboo skewer (for making dots).

Images, for the outside lid, inside lid, and back. A printable .pdf image sheet for the front, interior lid, back, and decorative bits I used in my shrine is attached to the third lesson.

Glitter glue and/or sequin shapes, to decorate the inside lid.

Little things, to fill the shrine. Small bottles with corks, charms, photos, papers, fabric, beads, or whatever little things tell your story.

E6000, or a heavy duty glue that will hold dimensional objects firmly in place.


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Preparing the Tins 

Painting the Edges of the Lid

Finishing the Outside Lid 

Lid Interior Decoration

Filling the Tin

Finishing the Back

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