Alyn Aundir-Wynrian, The Legion's Wrath

Alyn was born in the year 2933 from Qanore parents, Aundir a soothsayer, and Wynrian, a famed craftswoman. Born among other siblings in the Qanore homeland of Maseda, she took the position of defending her homeland against invaders and careless humans who ventured too far. She continued downward venturing deep into uncharted lands before stumbling upon the mountain of the Guardians, Eras. There she was able to learn more about the world around her, and learned how to control the world around her, in order to aid in the preservation of nature.

The Emissary

Since journeying from Eras, Alyn left with a different mindset and relaxed her aggressive nature. Instead of chasing humans and other foreigners away, she instead taught them the ways of the Qanore and that humans shouldn’t needlessly level forests for construction. She did her best to spread the word of the woods, and to help keep the world full of life. But not all humans obeyed, and most treated her as a savage. Upon entering one city, she was captured and imprisoned. After a few days of interrogation, she learned that there was a small group of Qanore raiders who had been terrorizing human settlements for their destruction of nature. While Alyn could sympathize with their anger, she knew it was wrong and promised to hunt down the troublesome Qanore.

Hunt for the Furious Five

Alyn spent years tracking down the vicious group of Qanore that came to earn the moniker ‘Furious Five’ due to their wrathful disposition when raiding settlements. She had always been a step behind, finding ruined villages and encampments. Alyn realized she could not do it alone. She stopped and meditated in the forest, and asked nature to help her, but the forest would not listen. Alyn was soon confronted by Aoen Karas-Lenna, another Qanore. Aoen told Alyn that the Furious Five were under a particular sickness, which spread from angry forest spirits. It caused an unsightly amount of rage and eventual loss of control over one’s actions. At the time, there was no cure, and the Furious Five would eventually need to be purged. Aoen and Alyn were alone in this, as the wrathful sickness in the Qanore was spreading to the forests making them unresponsive.

Time was running out. Aoen warned that if the sickness became too concentrated in one area, that the forests would become angry enough to spawn dangerous beasts and monsters that would be far worse than the Furious Five. With a bit more preparation, Aoen and Alyn tracked down the Furious Five, and engaged in a brutal fight to the death. Aoen and Alyn fought bravely with clear minds, and eventually subdued their enemies. The Furious Five were regrettably burned to ash, the worst fate the Qanore can suffer.

The Severance of the Warden, and the Heart of Kyros

Aoen and Alyn had parted ways after the Furious Five, but both were recognized for their services by Asalia the Benevolent. They were honorary servants of the Guardians, making their home in the mountains of Eras. They continued their duties elsewhere, journeying across the world and ensuring that nature was

preserved. Meanwhile, Kyros had his reign of terror on the land, a mostly wounding tyranny against the humans. Still, his deeds were well known after his defeat. After his body was torn apart and scattered, Asalia had asked Alyn to guard the heart of Kyros along with other skilled soldiers.

The heart was buried deep in the caves of Goras in the Qanore region of Aun. There she kept watch for thousands of years, and met several oppositions, but none of them successful. It wasn’t until the betrayal of Cryxzia was Alyn seriously tested. The Atran army sought after the heart of Kyros, and attacked the caves. The battle drew on for hours, mostly because of the labyrinthine nature of the caves, and the ambush tactics of Alyn’s forces. Eventually the Atra found the heart with Alyn firmly standing her guard. She was clearly outnumbered and fought as she could, but the battle was clearly lost. In a last desperate measure, she collapsed the caves on herself and the Atra after calling upon the mighty trees that rested above the caves.

The Great Sleep

According to Alyn, she died that day, but oddly felt alive. After much speculation, she realized the forests she called for help had sustained her body, plugging their roots into her body and feeding her nutrients from above. With this connection she was able to see the world through the eyes of the tree spirits. Occasionally she fell into darkness, into death. She visited the realm of Myr’gemush, the Master of Death, who told her that her spirit was in limbo, teetering on both ends. She could continue living as such, or he could grant her an easy passage to die, leaving her spirit to wander wherever it belonged. Alyn chose to live, feeling at one with nature. It was well worth the occasional visit to Myr’gemush, who, by Alyn’s words, is a less than personable character, if not a tad eccentric.


It was almost two thousand years before Alyn’s body was dug up in the soil. The Lesser Guardians excavated the caves of Goras in search of the heart to place it in a more guarded location. They found the body of Alyn, still intact and barely alive as she was entangled by the many roots impaled into her. The Lesser took Alyn back to the mountains of Eras where she was revived back to health by Asalia and thus named a Champion of the Legion.  


Alyn continues to serve the Legion, having based herself in the fortress of Cloudwing, the foremost fortress near Atran territory. She’s spent her days hunting the Atra down, and honing her skills in swordsmanship, archery, and the arts of nature. Not long ago, Alyn had decided to hunt down a particular group of Atran spies, and ventured to the seas in chase of a ship. The spies had led Alyn’s ship into a Atran fleet and opened fire with their cannons. Thankfully Captain Silvia Weatherford and Captain Christian Forge had been hunting the same individuals and provided their assistance. After a great battle at sea, the Atra were defeated. Silvia took Alyn’s crew on board and escorted them back to land. In gratitude, Alyn promised Silvia any favor she wished in thanks for saving her life and her crew.


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