Hellooo world!   And Happy Easter, if you celebrate!

As mentioned before, I have some big ideas for AM next year!   Before I get into that, I wanted to share that I will be a guest on Epically Geeky's YouTube show on Cosplay Props, along with a panel of some other phenomenal cosplayers! It will go LIVE around 9:30 PM on April 29th! Come support us and check it out! You may learn a thing or two about prop making!   

ANYWAY! Since you all have pledged, I am going to share my big ideas for next year with you, and if you have any suggestions please run them by me! I am shooting for 1st place Advanced OR Best in Show (which would basically make my dream come true and I can retire happily... maybe I shouldn't aim for that then ;) )  

Next Year's AM competition pieces are probably going to be Sunset Dragon's DnD Vaporeon and Flareon. Here are my goals to make these awesome

-learn leatherworking and make all of Flareon's barbarian armor out of that (blueprints in previous post)

-work with epoxy sculpt for details on Vaporeon's staff

-learn Raspberry Pi and circuitry to make an actual glowy effect for Flareon's Axe and Vaporeon's Staff

- Frankenstein lace together to get the foamy effect on the bottom of Vaporeon's dress

-perfect ombre dying fabric and making custom formal dresses

-perfect making and potentially dying/coloring faux yarn fur  -plan out a skit, and potentially have 2 volunteers be our pokemon trainers so we can act out a pokemon battle!   

I can't WAIT to get started! Darn you school!  

Peace n Blessins <3 

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